5 Second Attention Span

At some point in the past, we used to just go to the movies based on what we saw on the poster.

( I remember I did that for Pulp Fiction in 1994. I had never heard of the movie nor anybody involved in making it. I saw the poster, bought the ticket, and had a great time. )

And then people got a little impatient and wanted to preview the movie first – so we had to invent trailers. 60 second preview of the 2 hour movie.

Now.. NOW?

Now – they actually have a trailer for the trailer. Now our attention spans are so short, our patience is so thin, we need a 5 second trailer at the beginning of the 30 second trailer to tell you what’s going to be in the 30 second trailer.

I remember twenty years ago, the original trailer laggards would be like, ‘No, I don’t want to see the trailer. I don’t want the movie spoiled.’

Now, the new trailer laggards are probably like, ‘No, skip the 5 second trailer. I don’t want them to spoil the 30 second trailer.’

I guess some people genuinely do not care for the ride. But does a punchline work without the set up?