7.8 billion different simulations.

All problems come from each of us assuming the others are just like us.

We’re all the same but different. That’s the conflict.

We are all made from the same stardust.

Yes, but we must stop assuming we’re identical. We do not have the same experiences and the same outlook. Our brains are unique and simulate the world in 7.8 billion different ways. Problems come with assumption. As soon as we start assuming, we’ve lost the truth.

I think x is important. If you don’t think x is important then I get mad and destroy myself (because that’s what getting mad literally is – topic for another post).

Human 1 sees x and labels it x1. Human 1 assumes Human 2 simulates the world in the same way. So Human 1 assumes that Human 2 also sees x and labels it x1. This is the fundamental problem.

So what’s the fundamental solution?

Three steps; remember you can’t skip.

First, examine how your own brain simulates reality. And then do the same for the one closest person in your life – try to examine how that person’s brain simulates reality. And finally if you really want to understand the other 7.8 billion people on the world… well a good place to start might be to consider the Single Sample Majority rule as explained by Douglas Hubbard:

Given maximum uncertainty about a population proportion – such that you believe the proportion could be anything between 0% and 100% with all values being equally likely – there is a 75% chance that a single randomly selected sample is from the majority of the population.