Are we lazy or overwhelmed?

I used to think laziness was the biggest problem. But now I’m not sure.

My favorite question to ponder: why, if we know what to do, don’t we do it?

In 2021, whatever it is you want to do (build a rocket, cook an obscure dish, learn a piece of software, hem a dress) you can find exact step by step instructions online on how to do this.

But that does not mean everybody is doing all the things they want to be doing. No, they’re stuck doing useless things that happen to be in front of them. The easiest things. The things that bring instant gratification.

And I used to think it was because they were lazy.

But that’s not it. If I want to learn Python, there are too many lessons out there. And they’re all free! That’s too much for my brain to process. If I pick a course and it starts to get difficult, I might want to try the other course which I was wondering if I should’ve taken in the first place.

So I switch. And now my FOMO is fully activated. I start wondering if the 3rd course might be better. Or should I learn Javascript instead? I mean all those courses are free, too.

Or maybe I should just wait.

Yeah, let’s wait. I mean there are so many courses out there. There’ll be even more for me to choose from later. What’s the rush? Let’s do a little more research.

Are we lazy? Or are we overwhelmed by a world full of abundance?

I’d say we’re overwhelmed.

So what’s the solution?

Learn to delete, discard and dismiss a whole lot of stuff. Make a choice and stick with it.