Being brain dead.

I guarantee when you read that title, you didn’t associate it with a life ending. Because we don’t really see ‘brain dead’ as being ‘really dead.’

The fact is, when doctors say, ‘He is brain dead,’ they actually mean he is dead – because all the neurons in their brain are.

When a person is alive, they don’t say, ‘brain alive,’ do they?

If someone is brain dead, they are never coming back. Never, ever. Ambiguity arises because most of the time when the term is used, the so-called brain dead person is lying in a hospital, breathing with a warm body, (Why? Because it’s plugged into a machine.) but that’s like saying the vents in your car are breathing, too.

So in that situation, we should really eliminate the word, ‘brain’ because it is redundant. 

The person is just dead.

In the opposite case, we never say ‘Hey, he’s brain alive,’ or ‘I feel so brain alive,’ but if we did, that might help us see the truth and take responsibility for our actions.

The thing you’re supposed to do is experience life and fire as many neurons as you can. You control how alive your brain is.