Empathy as a thrill ride!

The thrill is proportional to the distance jumped.

the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Empathy evolved to enable our ancient ancestors to work together as a group to detect and perceive the physical surrounding world more effectively.

In recent times, as explicit communication has advanced at a much quicker rate, opportunities to practice empathy has reduced. Meaning, you don’t need to rely on empathy to understand what others are perceiving, you can just receive their words in spoken or written form.

Most of us have forgotten that words are on the surface. It’s a good start but we have the capability for much more.

We have the ability to mentally jump into the mind of someone else and experience to some degree the same things that they experience.

We usually associate being empathic with melancholic feelings. But this might be because most people are empathic to those who are closest. I think it’s possible to experience thrilling sensations from empathy by choosing to understand those with perceptions that are further away from us.

The thrill is proportional to the distance jumped.