Fast brain and slow body problems.

You know when you lose a train of thought while typing something on your phone?

Or when you get an idea and start typing it out on the computer and can’t type fast enough to capture it?

I know there have been times when I feel like typing isn’t satisfying and needed to write using pen and paper – especially when it comes to sketching something quick to illustrate an idea visually.

In addition to writing and typing, I know that most people have trouble articulating ideas verbally, too. How often do we hear kids say, ‘I don’t know how to describe it,’? When we become adults do we get better at describing our thoughts or do we just know better than to try anymore?

Our brain has evolved to become quite powerful but the problem is we currently do not have a high enough bandwidth interface to harness that power.

Trying to live an efficient life beyond the year 2020 is kinda like trying to connect a NVMe SSD to a numerical calculator.

Should we slow the SSD down or upgrade the peripherals?