If it doesn’t resonate, should I force it to?

Why do things ‘resonate’ with us?

Well, because they connect with existing beliefs already established.

For example, the idea of keeping a journal resonates with me – because I believe keeping track of thoughts and activities is essential for personal and business success. For somebody else this idea may not resonate if they haven’t experienced the same positive feedback loops that I have.

Ok so now, here comes the question: In the interest of broadening one’s mind, should we be forcing things that don’t resonate with us, to resonate with us?

I would answer no.

Because the original beliefs within us did not get there through force. They were slowly built over time. And new ideas resonated as they connected with those beliefs.

So in conclusion, a new idea that does not immediately ‘resonate’ –

  • should not be forced to resonate
  • should not be quickly dismissed
  • should be examined scientifically with a calm mind

That sounds right.