Make it easy or make it hard?

What are we supposed to do?

It sounds obvious. Of course, we should make everything as easy as possible. But that gets confusing – because as soon as you say, ‘I’m trying to make life as easy as possible for myself,’ you notice that sounds lazy.

Should I take a taxi or walk? Should I do intermittent fasting or just eat because all the food is everywhere? Should I turn on the PlayStation or actually work from home?

If I choose the lazy option in all of those scenarios, then yes, I will be lazy.

So, should I be making life difficult?

Nope. Not at all! You’re not supposed to make anything difficult.

But then does that mean I can stay in bed all day?

Nope. Because that’s actually making life difficult. Stay in bed. Forget about the homework. Drop out of school. Don’t go to work. All that stuff is actually making life difficult!

Twenty push-ups every morning. Writing some pages every day. Reading. Studying. Developing skills. All that stuff is difficult in the moment – difficult before they’re automated.

Don’t look at the moment. Look at the whole thing.

Do the difficult thing and make life easy for yourself.