Material things can help.

Today I am spending some time in the office space which I am subletting from a friend. It’s in downtown Helsinki.

There seems to be much more emphasis on the non-tangible these days. We’re all supposed to be mentally balanced, loving, caring, mindful etc. And because of those expectations, it seems we’re more reluctant to enjoy physical pleasures. We feel guilty when we talk about material, external ‘things,’ and of course, that guilt immediately sends us into a mental imbalance.

But I am allowing myself to notice the current moment of being alone in an empty office with a blank page in front of me. Writing this blogpost. Doing work.

I am feeling peace and joy and it’s purely because of this warm, dry, quiet physical room – (which allows me to be away from the distractions of kids at home and strangers in the street).

So, yes, ultimately it’s about arriving at a mental, non-tangible state but physical tools can often help.