So Many Unicorns

A few days ago, I randomly came across a videoclip on Facebook. I say random, because as a 40-plus year old marketing professional, my feed usually consists of content production, business and consulting posts.

But on that particular day, I saw a clip of a young guy freerunning across the top of the tall granite columns at Portishead marina in the UK. I had never seen anything like it.

It was breathtaking.

His name is Ed Scott and there was a link to his Instagram account where I found a stream of extremely impressive videos showcasing his parkour (jumping, flipping, flying!) abilities. This kid was doing things I never imagined anyone could do. I was pleased to have discovered something unique – a true unicorn.

The next day, Facebook, now knowing how much I was amazed by Ed, shows me another guy bouncing, flipping, flying through the air. His name was Vladimir Polianskii and on his Instagram he describes himself as an ‘Artist’ and ‘Alien.’ I could not have agreed more. This guy seemed just as capable as Ed but he added some comedic touches to his videos.

I thought to myself, ‘Wow! There’s two of them!’

And then, you guessed it, both Facebook and Instagram start showing me more. I found another guy. And then another.

Today I saw a dude – called Dominic Hughes – sitting flat on his butt and from that position, bounce up into a full backflip to land on his feet.

And there are many more of them. I saw at least 10 other similarly skilled parkour/freerunning athletes with freakish abilities on Instagram. Of course then I considered the possible size of the worldwide community.

Because I wasn’t a part of that community, I was first surprised at what they could do, and second, surprised at how many there were.

This made me think: We live in a world of abundance. There are lots of unicorns.

How many people who are not part of a particular circle:

  1. know that the circle exists?
  2. know how many there are in the circle?

We’re biased by what we know. We only see what’s in our circles.

I want to remind myself the world is full of abundance. And you don’t need to be unique to be a unicorn.