What exactly can we choose?

If we have the power to choose what to want, and choose to choose what we want… doesn’t it seem like cheating?

So of course, we attached a negative feeling to this concept to stop ourselves from doing it. Because life is nothing without conflict.

I recently had a conversation with an unemployed guy, who was planning on starting a business and talking about one day ‘owning Lamborghinis.’ That made me question: does he have the power to choose what to want?

Maybe not. External forces manipulate us into desiring the unattainable, sure. Do we have a choice not to be manipulated?

Maybe we don’t. After all, we are merely slaves to our emotions.

Then, do we have a choice to not be enslaved to our emotions? Well, that’s a tricky question because IF anyone even noticed they had the choice, nobody would choose to be enslaved.

Would they?

Can we, at least choose to look around? Can we choose to learn? Can we choose to notice?